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The Absolute Most Simple Dual Band Yagi Design I have Found
I've been looking for yagi designs since before I was licensed as I've always wanted to try and capture a sattelites' signal- This design took the cake. Simple, light, dual band yagi - If I could figure out to add a second plane of polorization to it it'd be perfect for satellite work I think-

HF Digital Modes
NewsWith the advent of FT8, more and more people are becoming interested in trying their hands at using the WSJT-X application and shooting 25 watts around the globe. The software is generally easy to use, but some may still find it challenging. If you've toyed with JT65, then you can do FT8. It's almost exactly the same, but it moves a LOT faster. It only takes a minute and a half to complete a QSO, where JT65 took 3-4 minutes, which seems fast until you're doing it, there is a long waiting period when you are responding to a call for CQ. If I've captured your attention, click the link below to read more on this topic.
High Frequency, Very High Frequency, Ultra High Frequency
NewsWell, then. It's been a while. And I've talked to people. People who may even find themselves here! So I'd better get moving with some content! So many things to write about about!

First thing's first. I've got a new rig. The Yaesu FT-857D. For a very good price. (shoutout to K6ZWA) The world's smallest all-band all-mode mobile transceiver! Installed at the home QTH the same day as purchased, and set a 40m dipole up the next! Up in time for CQWW! Contacted as far as Japan! Slept like a baby that night.

This setup had me happy for about two weeks. 40m is dead for me at night. I tuned down to 80m, and I could hear tons of activity in the night hours! But I couldn't resonate. I'm limited to an 89' run for my dipole, and the minimum length for most trapped 80m dipoles is 105'. What was I to do? After some thought, and questions around the local repeater network, (shoutout to W6DXW) I decided that I was going to add some wire in a roughly 'C' shape.

Two 33' additions later, the wait for dark is on. Click below to read more!

Newsdont let the size of the list intimidate you... only a half dozen get used regularly..

QRM .. interference.. as in another station

QRN.. static or other atmospheric noise.

QSY... change frequency as. in this is SUK0BUT QSY ing to 447.250...

QSL... acknowledgement and also a QSL Card is something you get when you contact a friend and he gives you a card.. or you contact on HF "shortwave" a really rare country and get a card after waiting for months!!

and an "eyeball QSO" is talking to someone face to face... no radios.... over the air it is a QSO... can be voice or CW or even RTTY

QRX is "wait a minute"

QST is a call to all stations listening... often part of a net operation where there is a message to everyone.. I.e QST next week The Santa Cruz club is haveing a special meeting etc etc.. it is also the name of the ARRL magazine that has been around for ever..

QTH is what is your location? .... or my location is...

Click below to read more!
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